Need A Break From The Anxiety? Buy Blueberry Kush Online, Relax And Sleep Well!

Blueberry Kush is a hybrid cannabis strain that is crossed from Blueberry and OG Kush. For people who are victims of depression, high level of anxiety or having problem in taking long naps, buy blueberry Kush online and see how this strain would magically give you couch lock and takes away all your depression. The name, of course, is so because of its sweet and earthy flavor which resembles fresh blueberries. It works as an immediate mood booster and stress reliever by bringing you into phase of relaxation and euphoria. So, before you taste it and go on slumber, let me introduce you with all the things you need/want to know about it.

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Blueberry Kush

There’s a difference between Blueberry Strain and Blueberry Kush!!

Yes, you heard right! Blueberry Kush or Blueberry OG is not the same thing as Blueberry Strain. So, never get confused between the two. No doubt that Blueberry Kush is originated from blueberry but the main difference is that it is produced by mixing blueberry with OG Kush. Both are famous strains and their mix is really a crazier combination with more powerful flavor and more potent than its parentage. This is why you sense a kushy and berry flavor which is highly sought by its fans. Blueberry is pure Indica, not Sativa or hybrid, whereas Blueberry Kush is profusely an Indica-dominant hybrid.

Never take it as a replacement for CBD!!

Buy Blueberry Kush online for treating only conditions of anxiety, low mood, ADHD, mood disorders, chronic pain, nausea, hyperactivity, gastrointestinal disorder, bipolar disorder and insomnia, loss of appetite and migraine headaches. This strain contains CBD in very low amount, even much less than 1%. Thus, it is not suitable for treatment of seizures and other conditions that responds to CBD.

THC Content in Blueberry Kush

The usual indica contains approximately 12% THC i.e. Tetrahydrocannabinol, but this hybrid strain contains substantial amount of THC which is around 24%. Such high amount of THC in blueberry Kush makes it a potent indica strain that can make you really very high. This is the reason why you tend to sleep after dosing it and may even glue yourself to couch cushions for a very long time (which is infamously called as couch lock).

How Much Does Blueberry Kush Cost?

That’s the catch! This strain comes at expensive rates. The reason behind is that it is very hard to find and hard to grow. But for ease of its customers, this strain is available online at reasonable prices. So, now you don’t need to go to dealers or find somebody special who may be dangerous too. Just remember that overall you’ll find this hybrid around $20 per gram. Thus, when somebody is offering it to you at very low prices then it’s a cue that the item is something else, not what you want.

Side-effects of Blueberry Kush

Before gulping anything into your body, you must always know its side-effects beforehand. Know that dizziness, paranoia and headaches are less likely but you may experience dry mouth and dry or red eyes more likely. It can also induce an ephemeral pain, but it is a rare case.

So, this was all you should know before trying out this hybrid strain. You can buy Blueberry Kush online with taste notes of berry, earthy, sweet, tangy, fruity, blueberry, potpourri, pine, wood and kushy. Enjoy this amazingly delicious strain with much ease now, without indulging into threats of dealers.

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