Effects and Attributes of Blueberry Kush Strain

The rapid increase in demand of blueberry kush clearly shows that it is highly effective in lowering down pain and anxiety. Once difficult to find, now you can easily buy blueberry kush strain online to forget the sensation of inflammation and get a proper relax and sleep. People are in love with this strain not only due to its medicinal properties but also due to its delicious taste. This cannabis strain is known for giving you long-lasting Indica type high which is fueled from the euphoric feelings and uplifted mood. For people who are new to this strain, let’s first discuss what it is and then we will talk about its effects and attributes.

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What is Blueberry Kush?

Originated from Oregon, Blueberry Kush is a hybrid crossed between Blueberry weed and famous OG Kush. Due to its Indica heritage, this strain is immensely helpful for natural pain relief and considered as one of the strongest medical strains. Its plant is difficult to grow and need a lot of attention, which is why it was difficult to purchase. But now you don’t have to go through any inconvenience as you can buy blueberry kush strain online at affordable prices.

Effects of Blueberry Kush


  • BBK is popular among the patients for feeling relaxation in situations of severe pain and hyperactivity.
  • The positive side of this hybrid is that it not only makes feel relaxed but also makes you euphoric. This is why it is also used in patients suffering from anxiety and depression.
  • People who don’t eat much can also use this strain to increase hunger.
  • Another major effect of this cross cannabis strain is that it launches you on a couch lock for a long time and therefore, it is recommended to take in the evening or at bedtime.


  • As I have already mentioned, this strain is recommended for people who suffer from heavy stress and extreme depression. Apart from this, this also works fine for people with low mood and bipolar disorder.
  • Acts as a strong pain reliever, this hybrid is suitable for people who suffer from pain regardless of the cause behind such as arthritis and some painful treatments. It is also a good remedy for getting relief from migraine headache.
  • People who feel difficulty in sleeping or are suffering from insomnia, this strain is really like a boon as it helps you going in deep sleep.
  • Muscle spasm can also be cured with the help of this strain.
  • It is also recommended for other conditions such as ADHD, nausea, anorexia and gastrointestinal disorder.


Fortunately, blueberry kush don’t contribute in making you paranoid, anxious or dizzy. The reported common side-effects are only dry mouth and dry or red eyes. However, it can cause ephemeral pain but this is only a rare case.

Flavors of Blueberry Kush

Luckily, this strain comes in the pleasing fragrance of the following notes:

  • Berry, Blueberry, Earthy, Pine
  • Woody, Fruity, Tangy and Sweet

THC Content

The average THC content in Blueberry Kush is around 24% and this much amount of THC is more than enough to make you high. This amount is just double of the ordinary Indica cannabis, which makes it one of the strongest cannabis strains.

So, try this strain if you are also suffering from chronic pain or going through a low phase (in terms of mental condition) or bipolar disorder.

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