Benefits and side effects of Blueberry Kush strain

Blueberry Kush Strain is a special indica, having its origin in Oregon. Its harvest-ready buds are dark green and frosty due to trichomes. They emit the scintillating scent of blueberry and taste sweet to the tongue.

The THC level in Blueberry Kush strain is normally at 17 percent and can go up to be as high as 24 percent. It gives a euphoric high and lifts one’s spirits like nothing else. It also has the effect of elevating your hunger. It is recommended that the strain is used only during the night because it sedates your body for a few hours at a length.

On improper consumption, people have complained about having dry eyes and mouth and more severe effects include dizziness, paranoia, or a headache.  

What are the medicinal benefits of Blueberry Kush strain?

Just like any other true indica, Blueberry Kush strain will help you unwind and relax; however, it is has a history of posing adverse effects for those who misuse it.

Often, those suffering from depression, anxiety, and stress opt to consume blueberry kush as it relaxes and calms the senses like nothing else. It relaxes the tense nerves of the brain which helps you to think judiciously. Furthermore, Blueberry Kush strain is often administered to those suffering from chronic pain, muscle spasms, and nausea.

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Blueberry Kush strain is hailed as the magical herb and is also popular among the medical community. It is great at raising your mood and appetite. You will often come across arthritis patients who consume blueberry kush for the treatment of pain. It is also highly effective in treating the symptoms of insomnia.

What are the possible side effects of consuming Blueberry Kush strain?

Blueberry Kush is a strain that has a high potential to cause severe complications. It has been known to cause certain unwanted effects in those who are not used to of high THC levels. We recommend you to consume it in minimal doses and allow the effects to show in order to ensure there are no side effects or potential chances of addiction.

Severe effects of this strain’s consumption include reddening of the eyes, drying of the mouth, panic attacks. We suggest patients suffering from anxiety to steer clear of Blueberry Kush strain as it can lead to addiction and withdrawal symptoms.  

When looking to purchase Blueberry Kush strain online, pay attention to its color which should be deep green and must have trichome buds. Do pay heed to your requirement for which you are looking to use Blueberry Kush strain.

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