Know More about the Best type of Seeds for Indoor Cannabis Cultivation

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Since indoor cultivation of cannabis allows a grower to produce high-grade weed strains in numerous varieties, the popularity of cannabis seeds is touching the sky. Today, people want to grow and consume their own cannabis and acquire benefits from the same because growing privately allows them to monitor the growth of the plant and have full control over the preferred method of cultivation.

Additionally, they can grow the plants securely in great comfort of their own property.

Since the market is full of various types of cannabis seeds and you might already be aware of many, I have discussed two of the most popular types that you can consider. As an extra perk, I can later suggest which one is better to get a perfect high with numerous health benefits.

Feminized Seeds

As the name suggests, these seeds are used to produce female plants only by performing a special breeding method in which male chromosomes are typically removed. Purple Kush feminized seeds, as being one of the most popular, are preferred by many. The plant grown using these seeds produces THC and CBD in way more quality than the male plant does.

Autoflowering Seeds

These seeds produce cannabis plant naturally through its normal process of germination. With the help of these seeds, you don’t require changing the light cycle and removing male chromosomes as the plant will grow into flowering stage automatically and naturally, hence, these are called autoflowering seeds.

Advantages of Feminized Seeds

By growing cannabis plants using feminized seeds, you can make sure that your garden will have female plants only allowing quick and easy cannabis cultivation. It actually removes the unnecessary task of pruning and maintaining male plants that in any case has to be removed.

Cultivation of cannabis using feminized seeds ensures higher yield simply because the space available for growing can be used in the most efficiently productive way which has become possible by eliminating the growth of male cannabis plants.

Feminized seeds are often considered as perfect seeds to produce mother plants. Moreover, you will notice a nice uniformity in the plants, extracts & strains made out of the plants, even if the cultivation set up is huge for large scale production.


If you are going to grow cannabis for your own recreation purpose and not for trading it and if you like smoking Purple Kush grown with your own hands then you should buy Purple Kush feminized seeds typically from a legit online store. Concerning the results of numerous experiments done in past, feminized seeds are more preferred for indoor cultivation of cannabis because they are able to produce highly potential female cannabis and making it an easier cultivation method. At last, the best thing about the feminized seeds is that they can literally be cloned which has never been possible to do with the use of autoflowering seeds.

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